Workout classes and videos for zombies by zombies.

A hello from the creator.

Hello! These workouts are meant to be fun and ridiculous, but also an actual workout. There are a lot of workout videos and classes out there these days, but let’s be real, working out is boring. Even as a professional athlete, I don’t want to workout unless I’m having fun doing it. This is why I joined the circus! (It’s not why, but close enough.) I can see that a lot of workout videos and classes seem to be for people who already like to exercise or at least have the motivation to do so. Zombie ‘Robics is for those folx who know they should move their body, but can’t find the right workout that caters to them. I’m here for you. Let’s have fun. Let’s be zombies.


PS: Also fun for the whole family!

A little background story about the creator

Active since the day she was born, Laura started dance at the age of 4 and gymnastics at the age of 8. Around that age she discovered the beautiful film genre of horror/thriller. “It” and “The Shining” were her childhood favorites, watching them repeatedly. After graduating from a performing arts high school as a dance major, she started to explore the world then found her calling in the circus. She has performed around the world and will continue to do so as soon as it is safe to do so. She has over 30 years of athletic training and experience and (lucky number) 13 years of experience performing and teaching in the circus world. In addition, decades worth of classic horror film knowledge. You are in good hands. To learn more about her please visit her personal website: lauralippert.com